There are many different factors of interior design that can have an overall positive effect on the home you live in. Deciding on the right lighting, wood finish for kitchen cupboards and bathroom sinks, and even the type of countertop for kitchen and bathroom areas will reflect your style.

In terms of countertops, there are many different benefits to choosing the material granite. First and foremost, granite gives a special kind of interior touch to your home. Anything that has granite attached to it will automatically look more elegant and high end, adding more increased value to your home. Also, granite countertops are much more durable than most others.

Made from tough stone, granite can be beaten and tattered during a rough cooking session and still be perfectly fine. It will not break or scratch easily, not only because of its strength but because it uses a special seal as well.

Granite countertops are very sleek and they do not have a lot of pours in them, so they will steer clear of building up lots of bacteria and dirt. Anything spilled on top of granite as well will be very easy to clean up. If anything were to ever happen to the granite, there are ways of repairing it. You won’t need to fully replace a kitchen countertop if yours happens to become damaged, however, if you need to replace it that’s easy too.

When cooking in the kitchen, a lot of times you need to be careful with what you put down on the countertop. With granite countertops, you need not worry about this because they are both cold and heat resistance so putting hot pots or pans down on top of it will not damage the countertop.

Finally, the flat surface that granite provides you with makes it easy to bake. When baking things like a cake or a batch of cookies, you’ll need a flat surface to ensure the perfect cutouts and structuring of the desserts.